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October 17, 2023 | 3 min read

The short film celebrates Tulare, California’s dairy farmers and community members: average people who make a big impact on America’s food system.

Throughout the month of October, Land O’Lakes – a cooperative owned by some 1,700 farmers throughout 10,000 American rural communities – is uplifting the farmers, restaurant owners and families of Tulare, an agriculture town in the heart of California’s Central Valley.

‘Tulare is Incredible’ is a new mini-documentary released for National Farmer’s Day last week and National Co-op Month this month. The film reveals the stories of everyday Tulare residents, along with images of their daily lives, be it expansive dairy farms, morning donut runs or children playing on swingsets.

Land O’Lakes says many of its farmers and pastures call Tulare home and this work represents part of the co-op’s ongoing efforts to spotlight and support farmers and their rural communities, which play an unappreciated role in America’s food system.

According to Land O’Lakes’ internal data, farmers make up just 1% of America’s workforce. Meanwhile, rural communities comprise 63% of all US counties and produce 87% of America’s agricultural products.

The Central Valley alone – including the Tulare basin – produces 8% of the US’ food supply, despite containing only 1% of the nation’s farmland. California also leads in milk production; in 2019 alone, almost one in every 5 pounds of milk in the US came from California cows.

According to Land O’Lakes officials, the co-op aims to support Tulare’s local community through this campaign’s media plan. The work is currently running across local and regional news outlets, social, online and streaming TV. Meanwhile, influencers who either live in or got their start in the region, are making supporting content.

Colorado-based branding agency, Human, ideated and developed the campaign.


Creative agency: Human

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